Wasabi-chan, the Mushroom Kitty, has Died



Today we say good-bye to the mushroom-dressed kitten that captured our hearts. According to @shimejiwasabi (Wasabi’s owner) on instagram, the kitten was taken to the vet after she noticed Wasabi “didn’t look good at all” and was being treated in intensive care. She passed away 18:30 Japan time aka 6:30pm. 

A few months ago, Wasabi was attacked by a crow.  The incident left her unable to eat on her own. The mushroom outfit was made to keep her still as she was tube fed. 



We didn’t only fall in love with little Wasabi, but also Pon-chan, the beautiful Golden Retriever that took her under his wing.   He protected her with such love, it was hard to keep your eyes away from the pictures @shimejiwasabi posted.  I think they brought a momentary joy to our lives, just seeing the sweet love between them via instagram/twitter. Her owner has over 43-thousand followers in instagram…that’s more than some reality “stars”! I know many people are saddened by the news and were cheering on the kitten’s fight for life.

I’m part of that fan base. I always look at instagram before I go to bed and I would show my fiance her pics and videos. It’s always good to go to bed on a positive note. It’s awful how many animal abuse stories and pictures I’ll see on facebook…it’s such a daily downer. Yeah I get it, humanity can suck, but there are good people. It’s amazing how much her owner took care of her during her short life. It’s refreshing to see. Thank you @shimejiwasabi for sharing your journey with Wasabi. She was one lucky cat.  RIP Miss Wasabi-chan, we’ll miss you.



Oily/Combination Skin? I finally found a product that doesn’t make my face feel like an oily mess by 4pm…


I’ve tried soooo many facial products to balance my skin out. Nothing really worked and if it did, it was only for the first month (at most) and I just went back to being frustrated with the products. My face got too dry it felt like it was about to crack off and of course the area around my nose would start to flake orrrr it got too oily and I got one or two huge pimples on my chin or forehead. It was terrible. 

One day, I was at Target looking for a mask and their beauty specialist told me about the Boots line. She raved about it, so at $10 bucks for a bottle of the Clay Mask, I went for it.  It really is a great mask and I even wrote a blog about it to spread the good word….a affordable mask that works! whhaaaaa??

Knowing the mask was a hit, I decided to try their daily facial cleanser and moisturizers (day & night). I have oily skin in the T-zone and by 4-5pm my skin feels so grimey. Seriously, these affordable products made a difference. Crazy. To think of allllllll the expensive crap I’ve bought to make my skin feel balanced. I definitely recommend Boots to anyone. Great thing, if it doesn’t fit your skin type you didn’t just throw away hundreds of dollars down the drain. Check the line out at Target! 

My Completed Dresser & Mini Side Table

I completed these two pieces of furniture a few months ago, but I’m always touching things up afterwards.  I added one more overlay on my IKEA Rast Dresser. It’s the big bronze/gold overlay in the center. 



I also added silver borders to the mini side table. It was just all black before, very plain. I use it as my mini desk in my room. I’m VERY happy with my furniture and proud of myself for doing it!

All in all, the details (borders & overlays) really tied up loose ends and made the furniture look complete. 

DIY My Ikea Rast Dresser: Pre-Production Phase.

I just bought a simple Ikea Rast dresser for $34 bucks. Not too bad of a price! I already assembled it and I’ve decided to use wallpaper to decorate it. I have a few ideas in mind on what to do. Eventually this dresser will become my nightstand. I bought this wrapping paper today on Amazon for $13, now I’m on the hunt for some cool knobs, probably bronze color.


Below are some of the ideas I’ve found researching online. Any advice or help is welcomed!



Maybe put an overlay on it too?


I’m doing this project this weekend. I’ll update you on how I did it and the finished product. Can’t wait!

Drinkin Cheap LA.

I go out a lot and it’s hard to find a good site that tells you about good happy hours, specials, etc. so I decided to go on this mission on my own. It’s a tough gig but somebody has to do it.

Tavern on Hollywood 


Right on Hollywood Blvd, close to Vine, this bar has $2.50 beers every day from 12-7pm. The price is a tad cheaper than Dillions and it’s probably to compete. But Dillons beats them in that their brews are $3 all day long. A bit of an odd place for a sports bar because it use to be Osaka, an upscale Asian fusion restaurant and even though it closed the decor stayed behind. Service can be a little slow, but overall the prices are remarkable for Hollywood. Below is a list of their beers.




On the corner of Hollywood & Vine, this Irish pub is very much a sports bar. $3 beer specials all day, everyday and they have more than just Bud Light.  I usually go for the Racer IPA, Raspberry Shock Top, Cherry Wheat (for when I feel like a fruity lady) or the Arrogant Bastard (when I want to get drunk). The food is pretty decent for bar standards…the typical wings, burgers & fries. Nothing to rave about, but it’ll satisfy the drunken munchies. However, beware!!! this place does get packed and the crowd gets douchy. Also the service can be quite awful, but you get what you pay for.

Big Wangs


They just changed their happy hour! It’s even better! Hooray more distractions from the gym for me! Twice a day from 3-7pm and again from 10pm-close (EVERY DAY!) they have food and drink specials. $5 appetizers, Wangtinis and speciality cocktails. You can also get $3.50 selected beers and $4 well drinks! Not bad for a night on the Hollywood town! Consistently, good service and the food is like Dillons, nothing to get crazy about, but it does the job…especially when you’ve had a few.

I will have more blogs about affordable drinks/food in Hollywood coming soon!

Home Cookin; Vegan Style.


Last Saturday, Tim Hogarth (you might have seen his youtube videos, Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking) and I went to Doomie’s Home Cookin Restaurant off Vine & Fountain in Hollywood, CA.  It’s a great place to indulge, not worry about counting calories and just let your taste buds enjoy. I spend a lot of energy eating healthy, exercising, yadah, yadah and sometimes I just don’t want to give a f***. It’s also vegan so it’s calorie free right??

We ordered two appetizers the nachos and the Buffalo Legs, which the sauce reminds me very much of Hooters. I’ve always been a big fan of their sauce, so I’m guessing the cook use to work there and stole the recipe!!!! The only downside is I wish they gave more than 5 legs. Wahh Wahhh, I’m a fatass today, I need 20 legs!

For our main course, we ordered the Western Burger. My favorite burger at Doomie’s. It’s topped wth BBQ sauce, faux bacon and crispy onion rings….sooo good…and FAT FREE! SYKE!

I want to try one of the baked goods next time. The Grandma’s Apple Tartlet and the New Orleans Red Velvet are on my list. I’ll update on those babies once I go back. Maybe I’ll have both, who knows.

Even if you’re not vegan, this is an awesome restaurant to explore vegan food. It tastes so much like the meat version that you won’t be disappointed, plus if you have a heart you’ll feel good about not eating an animal that day…especially a sad, sick caged one. Karma points indeed.